Multiple Teams · Welcome to the 2018 Poly Cross Country Season!!!

   (Last Updated: 10/7/18)

This is where you will have access to important information related to our team and our season. This includes the registration form for our Summer Running Camp, our team rules,  information about training, our training schedule (and locations) and our meet schedule. It will be updated as needed throughout the summer and the season.

Physicals: ALL ATHLETES MUST HAVE A VALID AND CURRENT PHYSICAL PACKET ON FILE IN THE POLY HS OFFICE IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN PRACTICE. (Note: The packet–the link to download and printout everything is below–also includes emergency contact and insurance information!) The office will give you a copy of the emergency/transportation form to turn in to Coach Enyeart. Please make sure that everything on that form can be read clearly because it serves as an emergency contact form for the coaching staff. You will also want to make a copies for yourself to give to any coaches of winter or spring sports you are involved in.


Items to Download

Follow the links to our shared files to access these items! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Coach Enyeart at for more info.

Poly XC Summer Running Camp Registration Form (2018)  –Fill out both sides and return with $75 to sign up. We officially begin on 7/5/18!

Athlete Physical Forms Packet  –Must fill out EVERYTHING and submit to the Poly AD Office (more info above)

Poly XC Team Rules (2018)  — Read and sign both sides of the last page…then bring to us)

Poly XC Outside Club Sport Contract (2018)  –If you do a club sport during our XC season…this is a must!

“Making the Team” Summer Attendance Cheat Sheet — Summarizes how the summer practice attendance requirements affect “making” the team (for new runners and returners), and making enough practices to attend the merit meet.

Poly Parent Code of Conduct Pledge Form  –Something important to read…it applies to ALL sports at Poly HS.

2018 Poly XC Remind.Com Info (New 5/18/18)  –Sign up for this ASAP to stay informed.

2018-20 Mission Conference Leagues

Poly XC 2018 Race Schedule (Updated 9/18/18) –With Spaghetti Dinner Dates!

Andulka Park Course Map


Current Training Schedule

Poly XC Training Schedule: October 8th – 13th  (Updated 10/7/18)

Please note that we are not having any night practices this week. The Wednesday practice will be during lunch and 6th period so our athletes can maximize their time studying and doing work during this last week of 1st quarter. Please make sure they eat a solid breakfast and bring a snack (and water) as they will eat lunch after the workout.


Poly XC Training Schedule: September 24th-October 6th (Updated 9/23/18)

We will have to push some practices to the evening based on the weather and level of difficulty. This week is set, but the schedule may change for the week of 10/1-10/6 depending on the weather. Remember, we have Ivy League Meet #2 that second week AND the Clovis Invite for 8 of our athletes. Later this week, it’s going to get warm, so (still) stay hydrated, eat properly and get plenty of sleep!

Poly XC Training Schedule: September 3rd-22nd (Updated 9/9/18)

We will have to push some practices to the evening based on the weather and level of difficulty. This week is set, but the schedule may change for the week of 9/17-9/22 depending on the weather. Remember, we have Ivy League Meet #1 AND the Woodbridge Invite this week. It’s going to be warm, so stay hydrated, eat properly and get plenty of sleep!

Poly XC Training Schedule: August 27th -September 1st (Updated 8/26/18)

The weather is cooperating and we are practicing during 6th period and after school. Plan on practices lasting from 2pm-4pm, but we will work hard and fast so we can get out earlier, depending on the workout and your efficiency. Since Wednesday is Back-to-School Night, we will NOT have an evening practice this week (normally, they will be on Wednesdays) and will practice during lunch and 6th period instead. There will be about 15-20 minutes for lunch and we will have MANDATORY Concussion Baseline Testing in room 201/202 at 2pm…then go to room 104 to pass out uniforms. We ALSO have two other events this week: 1) a mandatory Parent Meeting on Monday evening at 6:30pm in the Poly Little Theater. and 2) an eat-out fundraiser at Blaze Pizza on Thursday, 8/30. We have A LOT of things going on this week (including our fundraisers), so keep your head in the game, your bodies healthy and all of your homework/studying completed!!!

Poly XC Training Schedule (August 13-25) (Updated on 8/10/18)

This contains the “planned” times and locations for practices during the first two weeks of school. All practices will be in the evening (except for Saturdays) from 6-8pm. Due to high heat, these may be pushed back to 7pm and/or modified. Please be aware that these modifications are solely in the interest of keeping your athletes healthy! After this, the schedule will be made on a weekly basis. We will move practices to our preferred 2-4pm (6th period and after) school time slot when we are able to. Wednesday practices will remain at night due to the early release schedule.

Summer Training Schedule

Poly XC Summer Running Camp Training Schedule (7/5/18 – 8/11/18…Updated 7/10/18)

Note: Please use this document to find out locations and times for our summer practices. You will notice that we move to mornings after summer school ends and will have two practices (morning and evening) on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7/23 – 8/8. We have included the workouts to allow athletes to better prepare for them…not to avoid the tough workouts (which are the most important ones). This is also a “living” document that may be updated periodically with changes. For example, the 7/6 practice has been moved back to 7:30-9pm due to extreme weather.

Poly XC Summer Training Schedule (May-July 14)

Note: This includes June workouts that athletes can do on their own to be prepared for Summer Running Camp. The “Captain’s Practices” are voluntary…but kids tend to like to train “on their own” with their friends. The voluntary Weight Training sessions will also help athletes prepare for camp. They also count as “extra credit” practices (two lifting practices = one extra practice) toward making the 32 practices that make up the summer training requirement to run at the merit meet (Cool Breeze Invite). See the team rules for more details! This section will be updated as we continue training this summer and fall.


Schedule for FREE Physicals (No longer available)

IMPORTANT: There will be FREE physicals given in the Poly Gym on Tuesday, May 29th from 1-5pm! This is the perfect opportunity to take care of business for any physical activity for the whole 2018-19 school year. Did I mention that it is FREE?!?!?! Download the physical form packet above or pick up one from the Poly HS office, fill it out completely and bring it with you on the 29th.

Click the links below for additional information about physicals (including other opportunities for free physicals). The Patient Registration Information Forms below must be filled out and given to the people giving the physical. You still have to download and fill out all of the other information from the “regular” RUSD physical packet above and submit it to Windy Lisardo (the Athletic Director’s Secretary) or other office personnel designated to collect them. Be sure to make a couple of copies for yourself…just in case!


Physical Flyer   This tells you where and when you can get a physical (first one is 5/29 at Poly as listed above)

Physical – Patient Registration Information Form (English)

Physical – Patient Registration Information Form (Spanish)